Friday, 12 August 2016

Eggs to go on the boil

There’s a hue and cry about the soaring price of pulses, the primary source of protein for Indian vegetarians. But nonvegetarians, or more precisely eggitarians, too, don’t have it easy. Prices of their key protein source have been hitting record levels in recent months, with retail egg prices in some pockets of the country topping a record Rs. 5 this July.

Domestic egg prices seem set to soar even higher in the coming months. Data on the wholesale prices of eggs from the National Egg Coordination Committee shows that in the major consuming centres, egg prices in the first seven months of 2016 have ruled 1317 per cent higher than last year’s levels.
In Chennai, egg prices averaged Rs. 401 for a 100 this year compared to Rs. 344 last year. In Hyderabad, prices averaged Rs.359 against Rs. 305. These two cities are located in the two largest eggproducing States in India. Trends in other cities have been equally inflationary. Delhi reported prices of Rs. 357, against Rs. 318 and Mumbai Rs. 399 against Rs. 346.


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